Dental Bridges from Tauranga

A bridge is an appliance designed to span (bridge) the gap where teeth are missing.

Like crowns, they can be made from a variety of dental materials, but the most popular bridges are made from life-like porcelain fixed to a metal support structure.

Typically, a bridge is composed of two crowns attached to healthy teeth (abutments) on either side with artificial teeth (pontics) filling the gap between them.

Bridges may be recommended for patients with missing teeth. Without one, your ability to chew, smile and even to speak can be affected. With a bridge, your remaining teeth are kept in place instead of drifting out of alignment.

Unlike dentures, bridges are fixed in place and cannot be removed by the patient. They are very durable and typically last many years before needing reattachment or replacement. They can also be installed with dental implants.

Installing a bridge requires two visits. During the first visit the supporting teeth are prepared for crowns and a mould and measurements are taken of your teeth and jaw. A temporary bridge is then constructed. During the second visit the newly fabricated bridge is cemented in place.

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