Yathen Jayaweera - Tauranga Dentist

Yathen Jayaweera

BDS (Otago)

General and Cosmetic Dentistry

I want to provide you with the best Dentistry you have ever had!

Born in Sri Lanka, but having called New Zealand home since a young child. I began my dental journey in Dunedin with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery from the esteemed Otago University, ranked 8th highest in the world in dental learning in 2015.

After working a period of time in Auckland I sought to provide dental care for those in New Zealand who needed it the most and moved deep into rural New Zealand to a town called Turangi. I found a little slice of paradise in this town and worked for three years providing dental care for some of the most dentally vulnerable New Zealanders and in that time perfected my craft and became well known among the community and wider great lakes district for my caring, diligent nature and quality of my work. I have recently moved to Tauranga to further pursue my love of Dentistry, to develop my advanced dental skills and learn from (in my opinion) some of the best in the dental field.

I love the great outdoors, skiing and badminton and have recently picked up a love of fast cars!

I have a great passion for both dentistry and helping and serving people, I believe it is my duty to provide the best care that I can possibly provide for every single person that I meet. I know that this can only come from the use of cutting-edge, modern technology and techniques with evidence and research backing it and I keep up to date with all of this through routine training and course-related learning.

I am confident in all forms of Dentistry and well versed through my experience and work in rural New Zealand. Communication is a very strong suit of mine and I use this every day to make sure that as a patient you feel safe, in control, and fully informed of all your choices regarding your dental health. Ultimately as a team, both you and I can talk about the best ways to go forth caring for you and oral health.

Come have a chat with me! I look forward to meeting you and my door is always open!

We have a new dentist on board!

Yathen Jayaweera - Tauranga Dentist


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