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Dentists in Tauranga: Taylor Burley Kleiman Dental

Are you looking for a quality local Tauranga based dentist? The team at Taylor Burley Kleiman are some of the best dentists Tauranga has to offer. As one of the premium dental clinics in Tauranga we aim to provide you with a range of quality dental services and eliminate your fear of dentists. Here at Taylor Burley Kleiman Dental, we believe your teeth should be treated with absolute care. Our team of Tauranga dentists are qualified to manage any of our patients’ oral health needs, from restorative dentistry to surgical procedures. You’ll be provided with professional dental services that put your health, smile and comfort above all else.

Taylor Burley Kleiman Dental is proud to be at the leading edge of dental technology. Our practice is equipped with the latest digital technology for comprehensive diagnoses and treatment. Our practice also carries Diagnodent, a revolutionary laser for aiding the detection of tooth decay. We also use CEREC, a sophisticated dental machine to perform custom or challenging restoration work. Expect only premium and advanced treatment from our practice.

You don’t need extreme makeovers to get that perfect smile. Given our wide range of services, we offer a comprehensive range of effective treatments for whatever dental issues you may have. After we give you our advice and recommendations, the choice is in your hands.

With us, your satisfaction is a priority. Our team of Tauranga dentists will always listen to your needs and expectations – don’t be afraid to voice your concerns. All the dentists here at our Tauranga dental clinic, are trained to handle both simple and complicated dental procedures. Let us know your problems, and together, we’ll figure out which treatment options are most suitable for you. Once we have settled on a treatment, we will begin the procedure and guide you through every step of the way.

Call us now to make an appointment: 07 578 9849

8 Willow Street, Tauranga

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